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Are Your Tires Ready For Those Hot Roads?

We ask a lot of our tires, especially throughout summer.

Here are some tips to get better performance and longer wear from critical safety equipment--your vehicle tires.

Safety Is Top-Of-Mind For 2019 Atlas

A comprehensive suite of driver-assistance technologies is offered with the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas, a midsize SUV that’s more than your standard grocery-getter.

Latest Brake Technologies Emphasize Pedestrian Safety

Automatic Emergency Braking is a driver-assistance technology that can apply the brakes when a crash is imminent.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently announced they will grade Automatic Emergency Braking Systems on their ability to detect and avoid pedestrians.

Find out more about this innovative technology and how the IIHS judges it.

New Impaired Driving Campaign Targets Young Adults

A new national campaign from the National HIghway Traffic Safety Administration seeks to address escalating issues with impaired driving.

States are wrestling with lower limits on blood alcohol levels, and the video highlights a driver who is seemingly sober yet displays poor reflexes.

Watch now.

2019 Beetles To Be Volkswagen’s Last

The Volkswagen Beetle was introduced in 1949 and has been virtually ubiquitous ever since. But that tradition ends with the 2019 Beetle, with Volkswagen deciding to end production.